Top 10 Upcoming ROGUELITE Indie Games on Steam | 2022. 2023, TBA
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    1. @D00mnoodle You’re missing out on a lot of awesome games if you’re worrying about labels like furries

    2. @passwordyeah i know but it just makes me shrivel up with cringe whenever i see furry avatars. It’s too distracting and thus i can’t focus on the game

    1. @D00mnoodle They are not replayable because after doing the exact same thing for 5x, I simply stop playing them.

    2. @MarquisDeSang if it’s the exact same thing it’s a bad roguelike. Build variety is important as well as loads of different enemies, bosses and areas. Take a look at curse of the dead gods, they do build variety very well. Hades offers story content as a reason to replay it and dead cells offers different paths/zones as well as good build variety to change each playthrough. Also a mayor reason you’d play a roguelike is for the challenge of it.

    3. @D00mnoodle Maybe, but the cost of these games should reflect the low effort, they should not sell above 5$ for the physical version and 1$ for the digital version.

    4. @MarquisDeSang That’s the thing a good roguelike requires tons of effort to design, tweak and balance out all the systems to make it feel rewarding and fun. Designing a good roguelike is as hard as a good metroidvania, because while you don’t have to make an intricate map full of secrets, the foundations and variety is much more important.

    5. @MarquisDeSang Roguelikes tend to be appealing for people who are already pretty good at the genre it is built on.

      Given how so easy it is to die in most roguelikes, if you don’t catch up quickly on mechanics and upgrades, you end up “grinding” til the end.
      I managed to finish Children of Morta without upgrading all that much, but I never was able to finish Scourge Bringer, much less Enter the Gungeon. I’m just not good enough, and that’s okay.

      I just love how most roguelikes don’t have difficulty sliders, so finishing the main campaign is an equal challenge for everyone. If you are good, you might finish in just a few attempts, and if you need more attempts than others, you’ll find yourself clicking with some certain build.

      Roguelikes tend to do something kinda unique, and it’s that the whole campaign length is linked to one’s ability and how fast one can adapt to its features.
      If you are amazing at a certain genre, there might be a certain roguelike that could be the next challenge you might be looking for.

      But yeah, these don’t tend to be relaxing games to experience. I’m just glad there’s an option for those seeking a challenge without having to think about difficulty sliders.

  1. играть можно только в титан шел, остальные утомительные, хотя хз

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