Top 10 Upcoming METROIDVANIA Games on Steam (2022, 2023) PC /Consoles
Watch more Upcoming METROIDVANIA Games and Hidden gems here ❤ Follow ❤ 💡 Twitter: @tensor_gaming 💡 Instagram: @tensor_gaming 📌 Games on this List 📌 0:00 intro 0:17 Nara: Facing Fire ▶ 1:19 Astra: Fading Stars ▶ 2:20 Chiaroscuro ▶ 3:28 Neon Moon ▶ 4:36 The Light of the Darkness ▶ 5:48 Lost in Sky: Insurrection ▶ 7:19 Akatori ▶ 8:25 Game #3 ▶ 10:21 Game #2 ▶ 10:47 Game #1 ▶ 📽📽 Watch by Playlist 📽📽 🔸 Upcoming Indie Games 🔸 Hidden Gems 🔸 Pixel Art Indie Games 🔸 Platformer Indie Games 🔸 Indie Games 🔸 Games of the Year 🔸 Games of the Month 🔸 Nintendo Switch Indie Games 🔸 RPG Indie Games 📧 Contact All Links here: Vernal Edge, Mandragora, Dreamless: The Madness from the Sea #indiegames #tensorgaming


  1. Some new trailers and trailers I haven’t shared before. ENJOY!!! ❤
    Which games will be on your wishlist? drop a comment ⬇⬇

  2. Honestly I am a bit disappointed in most offerings being in this mobile phone or drawn-by-a-third-grader type of graphics scheme. The Light of the Darkness, Akatori, and Mandragonora I am digging. Vernal Edge could possibly grow on me. I really want The Messenger type of quality in my next Metroidvania experience.

  3. “Nara” looks WAAAY too much like “”Rin: The last Child”. At least superficially.

    Neat that Dreamless has a release date. Demo was fun. Too bad it’s a year away..

    Mandragora continues to look awesome.

  4. Vernal Edge got announced for PS4????? Will it be releasing for PS4 in Q1 2023 as well, or at a later date?

  5. Oh, nice! A new trailer for Vernal Edge! One big detail that popped out to me was that the character portraits changed. No more expression of perpetual shocked!

  6. it’s starting to feel like everything is just trying too hard to be hollow knight lately. Akatori, Madragora, and Vernal Edge look promising though.

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