The Best Gaming Laptop. Period. – Asus Zephyrus G15 Review

Visit and use offer code LTT for 10% off Add Honey for FREE and start saving today at Thanks, Honey for sponsoring! The Asus Zephyrus G15 GA503 checks all the boxes for a 2021 gaming laptop - slim, powerful, and very well built - but have Asus sacrificed too much power for sexiness? Buy ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15: Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Discuss on the forum: ► GET MERCH: ► AFFILIATES, SPONSORS & REFERRALS: ► PODCAST GEAR: ► SUPPORT US ON FLOATPLANE: FOLLOW US ELSEWHERE --------------------------------------------------- Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: TikTok: Twitch: MUSIC CREDIT --------------------------------------------------- Intro: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: iTunes Download Link: Artist Link: Outro: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High Video Link: Listen on Spotify: Artist Link: Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

67 thoughts on “The Best Gaming Laptop. Period. – Asus Zephyrus G15 Review

  1. I have the older model, the G14 and it is absolutely amazing. For years I walked away from PC Gaming as I was over having a giant tower and having to tweak it all the time. Loved building Gaming PCs when younger, now I find it annoying and not worth the time. LoL. I will always be going ASUS Gaming Laptop from now on for PC Gaming.

    1. @chevalier knight – Greetings, the only downsize (but I don’t really see it as one) is the 14inch screen. I bought this for portability and I have an amazing Dell 27inch 1440 166Hz monitor at home. The laptop is very slim, amazingly so actually. My old 17inch HP Gaming Laptop was crazy think, hot, huge and ran loud as an airliner. LoL. I will never got back to anything over 15inch for a laptop, Gaming or otherwise. This is the first time in years, that I enjoy PC Gaming again.

    2. In thinking of getting this I felt pc gaming like 10 years ago for the same reasons , what where the down sizes of you had any?

    1. Hey i have 1600 dollars max i want a 240hz display and at least 16gb ram and rtx ive seen lots for that price but i dont know which ones are good any Tips?
      Looking to run fortnite gta 5 and cod

    1. @A guy with directions I’ve used bigger screens, though honestly laptop screens just feel better. I like that it has more pixels/inch and I don’t have to worry about downgrading accidentally

  2. I just got this laptop in the gray color and I can confirm that the lighting IS in fact RGB, not just white, and the AI noise canceling is actually pretty good, as is the microphone.

    1. @Tomas Garraxia his info is misleading sadly. actually only US version from best buy got RGB, all other versions of GA503 got ONLY WHITE lighting. I bought this thinking getting RGB as well, after 3 days of frustratingly trying to activate the RGB with no avail, I finally realized the sad fact (mine is european version), so I immediately sent it back. VERY FRUSTRATING asus’s “special editions”, it sucks

    2. @A Person I think, he was asking about heating issues while casually playing GTA5 or RDR2 on holiday evening. How much does it max out to?

    3. @Aqsa Nadeem if you dont run it with cyberpunk at ultra with ray tracing enabled and 2 web browsers with 5 tabs each it should be ok

  3. me after watching 1 minute of this video: this is my next laptop
    me after seeing the price: my i5 laptop is great for now

    1. @Dean Collins ikr I just bought one because it was so cheap a couple days ago lmao probably wont even use it haha

    2. Bruh what are yall on about, it’s $1500 rn but something 20x worse than this even 3 years ago would cost $3000+, and for $1500 you could only buy i5 laptop or worse. Price is mindblowingly low

  4. Great video! However, something I wish reviewers would take into mind – if you’re stuck on Windows. I have the G14 and I’m not a fan of Windows at all, and with proton gaming on linux is very viable, but after spending multiple hours trying to get linux on here, I came to the same consensus as everyone else – the hardware just isn’t well supported, especially with AMD’s hybrid-open source drivers.

  5. Asus: Creating a beautiful gaming laptop which is awesome for daily use in case you need to study or go to work with it
    also Asus: not including a webcam because “hardcore gamers don’t need webcams” smh -_- honestly a deal breaker for me

  6. For several months I was looking for a new laptop so that it was actually quite powerful and would last for years. Ultimately, the choice fell on the ASUS Zephyrus M16, due to its appearance, good screen, and a lot of power. I bought it at a black friday store discounted from 10.5K PLN to 9K PLN. I picked up my laptop and after setting it up I noticed uneven button lighting, when I looked at it, about 6 of them were slightly bent. Despite the fact that the keyboard worked like all other components, I decided that I will make a complaint. I could accept something like that with a budget product, but certainly not in a product that definitely belongs to the premium category. I took my laptop to the store, they accepted it and there was a long waiting period. After 3 weeks, when nobody contacted me, I sent an e-mail, and after a few days nobody replied, I called the hotline. I waited again until I finally got the information that the complaint was accepted and the goods would be replaced (subject to availability) or my money would be refunded. Unfortunately, the product is not available. At this price, it is not possible to buy anything close to these parameters, so this solution did not suit me. I started communicating with the store. I wanted to find out how it is possible that the repair of 6 buttons in the keyboard is impossible. I would understand if it was a CPU, graphics card or anything else that might be missing due to the number of chips available. In the time of chip shortage, I do not accept that this will become e-waste. The store keeps saying that only a refund is available because they cannot offer another product. Btw they do not inform me about why ASUS service cannot repair it. They say that the laptop has remained in the service and cannot be returned to me. The ASUS service claims that it cannot provide me with information about it, because it can only provide it to the store. It is a bit strange because at the moment I did not agree to any withdrawal from the contract and the product still remains my property. To my question why, in the event of a refund, I would decide to buy their products again, they did not want to answer either. Well, I am without equipment for 1.5 months and we will see how the further exchange of e-mails will go.
    So if you are planning to buy a new laptop, I recommend you think about it. Especially since the CES fair was not long ago, where ASUS presented a lot of new top equipment. I personally thought (probably wrongly) that by spending almost 10k I would get not only a premium product but also such a service. Overall, I do not recommend it.

    1. that would have been funny. But he said “on TO a plane” which in my opinion isn’t funny. He missed a good opportunity.

  7. I would like to say thankyou Linus! I’ll be receiving my g15 on 6-11-21. If not for your reviews (and others) I might of got something different that I might of really regretted. Btw, I took your advice and got the 3070 instead of the 3080 to save some serious money, and bestbuy have been sold out of the 3080 version for months. For anyone else looking at these laptops, bestbuy had the 3070 series in every 4-5 days if sold out, so just wait.

  8. I really thought of buying the Asus but the missing webcam and soldered memory are kinda a no go for me. Thanks for testing it so thourougly

  9. You’d think that by now a lot more “gaming laptops” would have two screens, at least to get more air intake for the fans. And all that extra screen helps not only with cooling, but with gaming and office work, too. Especially not having to alt-tab to change the song to one not in the playlist, or when you get a Discord call, or when you have a wiki page open, and don’t want to alt-tab out of the game, and wait at least a few seconds for that to happen, especially if you’re playing in full-screen at a different resolution than the one used for normal use. And having two joysticks (like the thinkpad knobs) would also make the laptop more for gaming, allowing finer control in racing games, and offering an upgraded experience when compared to controllers, because you have a lot more keys at your disposal. One joystick could be on the left-top of the arrow keys (above Left and to the left of Up arrow keys), and the second could be between Esc and F1 (because having it left of F5 could cause a lot of unwanted misclicks).

    1. Actually its not even that bad if you do that in india(my country)its gonna be badass. (Not suitable if you dont want attention)

    2. When I first bought my G55vw ROG, I freely flexed it, using it outdoors in bright sun during my college. It had a pretty bright screen and was pretty much the only usable laptop outdooors back then xD

    3. ​@Overwatch Unless you are a game development and/or IT student who NEEDS power in a classroom. Then you can pick one: a noisy tiny laptop that is hella annoying to everyone including yourself (and never mind the garbage performance in 3D software), or a big brick of a machine that is inconvenient at times, but has the power and cooling to not be awful when you actually use it for anything serious.
      One big downside that thin but powerful laptops (like the one in the video) will always have is dust. You’ve gotta take them apart for cleaning 4x a year just to keep the noise down. Nowadays though, with performance being as it is, by far most (99%+) people don’t need massive laptops.

  10. Wow, i saw it the other day in a local retailer and it looks amazing, i want one, but that webcam situation and the soldered ram are kinda a deal breaker for me because i fall into the reality that i use my gaming laptop and PC for school and work too…

  11. I have the Best Buy version of this machine and got it on sale at $1500. It is an absolute beast in comparison to what I was using. Absolutely worth the money spent.

  12. Every single time I think he’s going to actually like one of the products, no he’s got to lead into “on paper at least”

    1. @WoomyZooms no i am comparing 1000$ chromebook from Samsung (which is the only half decent looking chromebook) to a 1000 $ gaming laptop.

    2. @WoomyZooms what ever you spend on a chromebook there’s a device that better for the same price. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 200 random one or even the 1000 dollar one from samsung. Ultimately it’s just eWaste.

    3. Exactly lmao, really wanted a laptop that can do decent gaming and coding, college stuff at the same time. This is what gaming laptops offered, but battery life was important, this thing did it. Ill be buying this very soon

  13. I bought myself the mid range g14 rog zephyrus about 4 months ago and with a tutorial video or two on youtube to get the temps down a bit, it’s a casual gamers dream. Comes in the grey colour as well which gets rid of the keyboard light issues. Absolute performance beast!

  14. 3:48
    The G15 thermals (average 70C)are extremely impressive, most laptops hover around 80C-100C with the average game at 1080 High Settings like COD MW/COD COD Cold War, SOTTR, Far Cry 5, that range of AAA Titles.

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