My Top 10 Favorite Video Game Protagonists (2022)
My Top 10 Favorite Video Game Protagonists (2022) Hey guys its theBryceisRight here back with another video. This time I’ll be my ranking my ten favorite video game protagonists. These will be only original game characters and not characters such as Batman or Spider-Man as that would make this list even more difficult. Before we get into it if at any point you enjoy this video leaving a like would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind if at any point I reach a character for a game that you intend to play or do not want spoiled I suggest you skip to next character on the chapter slider. Also this is just my opinion and I am no way saying these characters are the best because there are plenty of great games I haven’t played. Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 00:47 - #10 01:44 - #9 02:28 - #8 03:08 - #7 03:57 - #6 04:29 - #5 05:01 - #4 05:35 - #3 06:26 - #2 07:46 - #1 ****Social Media**** ✅Subscribe: ✅Twitch: ✅Facebook: ✅Instagram: ✅Discord: #favoritevideogameprotagonist


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