Boneworks is the BEST VR Game Ever Created (so far)

Hello, today I want to do a deep full dive analysis about my personal favorite and (in my opinion) in the best VR game ever made. My list of best VR games look something like: Half Life Alyx, Lone Echo (1, 2, and echo arena), walking dead saints and sinners etc, but the TOP of my list is certainly BONEWORKS by developer Stress Level Zero. The system created in boneworks is unlike any game out there. It's something really special. I'm really hoping Stress Level Zero's next game is going to be available for more systems so that more people can see what I'm talking about here. Even though the game has been out for two years now, it holds up better than most.. ESPECIALLY with mods. OH, and the soundtrack is a masterpiece. My links: Discord: Twitch: Twitter: Patreon: Invest in Thrillseeker Media Group Inc. TIMESTAMPS:

78 thoughts on “Boneworks is the BEST VR Game Ever Created (so far)

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    1. @Dylan Bailey Probably because there were few options.

      We only had a handful of games. Sometimes we would rent games from blockbuster for a weekend rental.

      Otherwise, we were stuck playing the same games. So even if a games sucked, we worked at it to beat it.

      Zelda was good and it took me a year or two to beat when I was a kid. Kids had more dedication in the 80’s & more attention span LOL

  1. Funnily enough Boneworks was actually one of my first VR experiences and its also why most VR games are really disappointing to me now. Even Half-Life: Alyx made me genuinely angry with how the free locomotion felt like a complete afterthought.

  2. The start of this video reminds me of how so many franchises struggled with the shift from 2D to 3D back in the 90s.
    We seem to be having the same thing again going from “flat” games to VR

    1. Realizations like that make me wonder how it would turn out if Ninte do made a VR game. And I mean a REAL VR game and not just a Labo demo.

    2. The more you know about the early computers and gaming history, the more you realize how incredibly (and sometimes even disturbingly) similar everything is.

  3. The problem is I have now played for several hours and I can’t get through the tutorial levels. You always show how fun the game is I can never get there. right now it’s about as fun as the Phasmophobia Lobby: I can play basketball and punch a few guys. HL Alex, SS, RE4 those are GAMES, Bone works just feels like a tech demo that I’m stuck in. I’ll give it another go tonight.

    1. I agree with you. I’ve played all the way through RE4 and HL Alex. Those games engaged me all the way through. IMO the thing about bone works is it’s very frustrating to interact with the physics in the game. I even came back and forced myself to play and got pretty far but that feeling never went away. To me boneworks never got FUN. Yet my favorite game by far is Into the Radius. If you have not tried this yet you should. In my eyes Into the Radius is what I want VR to be.

  4. Games like Zentih are meaningless to me thanks to Boneworks. Empty interactions in a physics-less world just feels like such a cheap experience now.

    1. @SarcasticSigh dark souls style vr game with something like boneworks or blade and sorcery physics would be so much fun.

    2. @Alex Maria in honesty ill never return to zenith. They lack important stuff. They should have launched free access with housing even then it still would be lacking. There is no uniqueness to the game not even cosmetics. There’s been so many games I’ve played early access have way way way more stuff. The cat race kept being labeled coming soon aswell even dropping that I would be fine with…. there’s been no drop of any updates

    3. @Alex Maria also it’s going to have actual charecter customization…. and for the housing it will be customizable aswell that alone will make things fun and you can ride spaceships to go to different planets and ride a dragon around on certain planets. Zenith don’t offer any content right now and all that stuff I said was from alpha and there’s alot more stuff aswell

  5. Half life Alyx was like that for me. It was the entire reason I even bought an Index. The entire game was an experience like i’ve never had that completely blew my mind.

    1. @coocato Pretty sure they use PhysX as well. They just created custom rigs and put the “Correct” values for stuff to feel good.

    2. @Crimson-fox Twitch yep pretty much what I’m saying 😁👍 If we had more VR dedicated sdks and plugins (preferably free) for unity and unreal your average indie dev would have an easier time creating games and experiences.

  6. Boneworks is the only game that makes me feel like a person in vr. That’s what makes it great. Can’t wait for their next game.

    1. Yeah like when i play it im normally alone, But i feel like im with people when i spawn in fords, crablets, null bodys and every npc. Its a great game that makes you believe you are in it.

  7. I’ve never tried Boneworks, but based on what I’ve seen from your countless videos, I thought it was just a physics playground.

    I might actually get it now that I know it actually has a story mode.

    1. There’s a running gag in Boneworks that the whole game is just a tech demo. You can actually find graffiti asking “what if this is all a tech demo?” hidden away in one of the early levels. In reality, the game design, beyond just physics, is pretty damn solid

    1. @[REDACTED] Check my reply, it was only in the older versions seen in a Node video if I remember correctly. One guy threw an elbow hit and it connected.

      Or maybe it still works SOMETIMES, and I just don’t know how it works.

    2. I have 117 hours in this game, and I’ve never seen elbow collision. That’s a THING? What have I been DOING all these years?!?!

    3. @AntoT05 yes, you can. Also, sometimes your arms get stuck on objects or doorways and it gets frustrating because your arms aren’t real and you can’t feel things in the game.

    4. @AntoT05 yes i’ve broken a window with an elbow, the connection between hands, elbow and shoulder are that accurate

  8. Even after all the games I’ve played, boneworks is easily my absolute favorite game ever

    (Edit) greased Scottsman made a 3 part series about the full lore and it is amazing

    1. I played Boneworks before Half-Life: Alyx and it totaly spoiled me the game 😀
      Alyx is a great game but in Boneworks i feel so free and i kinda don’t care about the graphics tbh

    2. @Daber Klobás the headcrabs in both games show it pretty well, i just want to grab it and punch it repeatedly but i cannot do that in alyx, or at least not when it’s alive

    3. @Daber Klobás ​I too played Boneworks before Alyx, and although at first I was a bit sad that Alyx was a lot more restrictive towards what player can do, it had a lot better story and much less jankiness, so I enjoyed it a lot more. It’s really sad that they couldn’t make a coherent narrative in Boneworks, I almost lost any interest in the game after it plumed me into medieval prison with zero explanation of what’s going on.

  9. i actually found out about Boneworks because of you almost a year ago. bought it, went in blind, had the best VR experience ive ever had. and modding it makes it so much better.

    1. @ShadowColossus oh i agree lol, i think if blade and sorcery’s combat and dismemberment physics were added to boneworks it would make combat feel so much better with melee weapons

    2. Imo boneworks can be fun but it’s lacking a lot of mods. The lightsaber impales feel like plasma that doesn’t impale, and the rest are either npcs or guns. There’s not a lot of variety and tbh I get kinda bored after awhile. Especially since I have to manually spawn npcs in to fight and manually spawn weapons in to use. Though the physics is definitely one of if not the best for a vr game. For fighting and modding I prefer blade and sorcery. But for messing around with ragdolls I’d say boneworks. It just feels more smooth in blade and sorcery for me

    1. Skyim, but with mods. There is a program called wabbajack that installs stable mods for you. Im talking over 400 mods, in a playable skyrim. It has everything vr could want/need. Full physics and vr supper through mods. Would recommend

    2. Boneworks! Outer Wilds VR mod is a second (HLA is the third)
      Outer Wilds VR mod took me by surprise, a friend recommended I play it (normally before we knew there was this mod)
      I google Outer Wilds VR and without seeing ANY video I installed it and started playing…

      To my surprise, It is a FULL VR conversion! All the tools/weapons, the space ship, the UI, the hud hints, EVERYTHING is converted to VR in a way that it feels like the game was made for it!
      Though like BW it will make certain ppl sick (I was never affected by VR)

  10. Thank you so much for making this video. I feel like so many people just dont talk about Boneworks, even though its one of, if not the most revolutionary VR game on the market to date in my opinion. (also my favourite) And yeah i undestand that many people have problems with motion sickness and the story, and graphics arent great but still.

    1. I remember my first time playing it getting through the museum and at the end being motion sick & lying on the ground for a couple hours until I felt better; motion sickness sucks

  11. I couldn’t agree more, I have been saying Boneworks is the best VR game ever since I first played it. Im glad someone thinks the same

  12. Boneworks soundtrack is what made it for me. That feeling of being alone in a computer simulation. Gave an eerie vibe and that’s what makes it so good

    1. The soundtrack as sm1 said made me feel like im out of this world, up to the point where i had to stand by a radio for a bit to ease the sci-fi vibes(which i loved btw)

    2. It’s the first vr game and the first game overall in a loooooooong time that made me genuinely “uncomfortable” in a good way. Plenty of games (vr or not) can scare people, but the loneliness and sound design made me feel like I was always being watched and even in wide open areas with hardly anything around me made me uneasy lol. In a good way

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