Best Kickstarter Active Campaigns Video Games – February 2022
Let's take a look at the best indie games with active campaigns during February 2022. I leave the links if any of these games catches your eye and feel like contributing towards the goal. If I've missed a game, or you like the video leave a like and a comment. If you loved the video, subscribe for more content. If you hated the video, leave a thumbs down so I can make better content in the future. You can support my channel buying me a coffee Forward: Escape the Fold Ends: February 6 Goal: $783 Genre: Roguelike Card Battler Kickstarter: Steam: The Silent Kingdom Ends: February 14 Goal: $33.448 Genre: RPG Kickstarter: Steam: Cursed Crew Ends: February 17 Goal: $22.298 Genre: Roguelike Naval Ship Simulator Kickstarter: Steam: Blood Nova Ends: February 18 Goal: $7.414 Genre: Point & Click Adventure Game Kickstarter: Steam: Above Snakes Ends: February 19 Goal: $28.988 Genre: Survival Base Building Game Kickstarter: Steam: Sentry City Ends: February 21 Goal: $5.000 Genre: 2D Platformer Affinity Sorrow Ends: February 24 Goal: $52.500 Genre: Turn-Based RPG Kickstarter: Knightblade Ends: February 25 Goal: $200 Genre: Open World RPG Kickstarter: Games: 00:00 Intro 00:08 Forward: Escape the Fold 00:49 The Silent Kingdom 01:36 Cursed Crew 02:54 Blood Nova 03:42 Above Snakes 05:06 Sentry City 06:07 Affinity Sorrow 06:50 Knightblade #FreeSpiritedGamers #KickstarterVideoGames #Kickstarter


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