Aliens Dark Descent – Official Reveal Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2022
Coming in 2023, check out this top down adventure game set in the Alien Universe. #IGN #IGNSummerofGaming


    1. Why would you want another game that consists of avoiding androids and humans for 98% of the time. Never understood how Isolation was so well received, it was quite literally an android avoidance game with a tiny weeny bit of alien thrown in.

  1. Another game that pulls you out of the horror top down is the furthest they can put you.
    Hey here’s fire team with a broken zoom function 👌 thanks I’ll wait for the isolation type game that won’t happen ❤️

    1. They want to do an alien game based on Cameron’s Aliens not Ridley Scott Alien, which is fine if they can nail it

    2. @ZeroFox09 Cameron participated also in the Ridley Scott movie he was assistant back then to learn how to do sci-fi movies

    1. @Terreur des Pistes Yea? How about Life is Strange, Call of Cthulhu, A plague Tale Innocence, Greedfall, Space Hulk Deathwing, Insurgency Sandstorm. Are these bad games even to you?

  2. WHY is it so hard to just get a game done right in this world??? isolation is the ONLY one.

    1. Alien fireteam Alien fireteam Alien fireteam Alien fireteam Alien fireteam came out in August of last year. get onto already

    1. @ToTheSky87 tbh AVP 2010 still have decent graphics, would be lot cooler a remaster or even remake of the older AVP game

    1. @Emiliano Depetris literally everyone else but you want an actual horror game expirence, sorry to break it to you.

  3. Of course, the core of the Alien experience just screams top down adventure game…… WTF are these devs thinking?

    1. there making a game, there game, thats whaat they thinking, plenty of other games for u to play if this not interest u

    2. @Nuyki He’s just disappointed this is – still – not THE Aliens game we expect.
      Either horror-focused Isolation 2 or action-packed Colonial Marines, but actually well made. There are Doom mods better than Aliens games we got.

    3. @Nuyki and i’m sure the 500 players who will get this game will say the same thing you’re saying to others 😂

    1. they just need to let the alien game
      franchise go now.
      give it a rest we get the gist we love
      killing aliens.

    2. @muffins the terror wait till the very end of the trailer before you decide you want it, cause it isn’t what you think

  4. Mild intrigue as an Aliens trailer ticks off all the expected elements like a chore list. Followed by a complete gutting of interest with the ‘isometric twin stick shooter’ gameplay reveal. Hard pass.

    1. @Lord of Dread It’s arguably the most divisive X-COM game to exist so maybe not the best reference 😅

    2. @Adrian Salvatore Still an innovative and unmatched technical marvel no matter how you look at it.

  5. Seeing trailer – Okay, looks cool, maybe promising?
    Seeing ‘gameplay’ at the end – That’s it man, game over man, GAME OVER!

    1. Check the steam page, the game actually looks interesting, it’s not a twin-stick shooter, more of a Real time tactics.

  6. The gameplay at the end is like a huge slap to your face after you get a nice treat from your friend.

    1. It’s like this hot woman takes you towards her house, stops you at the door and says let’s be friends (tee-hee).

    2. @AndrewTube so, it looks like it’s _Commando_ but uses XCOM style TBS mechanics… sounds better and better.

    3. @nemo pouncey Their games have been hit or miss. We get masterpieces like Alien Isolation, but then we get stuff like this.

    1. @Mirvra Developer track record seems ok. Experienced in strategy games and have done work for Warhammer in the past. Wondering if this will be more Xcom than twin stick shooter?

    2. @QUAD849 Know exactly what your saying but there are many games that love the CGI trailer approach. Guessing it cost Focus so much to acquire the lisence they hand out projects to smaller developers due to finance. This developer has made strategy games for Warhammer in the past so at least have a bit of experience. Wonder if this started out as a Warhammer project and got reskined?

    3. you know it’s bad when people make moronic comments. Tons of reveal trailers are like this einstein

    4. @Neo2Rus That was the thought echoing in my head. It seemed like there was enough for at least 30 minutes. Maybe it will be alright.

  7. Damn it. The name made me think the Amnesia devs were doing an Isolation style Alien game. Don’t ever underestimate a devs ability to disappoint you

    1. Lol, exactly the same here. Come on guys don’t name your game after a beloved first person horror game, while people are waiting for the sequel to a beloved ALIENS fph game …and then be not that.

  8. Watching trailer – This look cool and scary.
    Seeing gameplay – And just when we had our hopes up.

    1. Why is everyone obsessed with that Scare Factor? The only time when it’s scary, is when it’s both invincible and when the Player has no real guns. ergo alien Isolation.
      Aliens haven’t been scary since the second Movie.

    2. @Aleksander Olbrych I’m still waiting for Starship troopers RTS, that’s been cooking for a while now

  9. Why can’t we have a game where we get to play as the xenos again, it would be awesome to get another AvP type of game. Or something from further back like AvP Extinction, that game showed me that aliens are the perfect thing to make a strategy game with. Building up your hive, finding hosts and upgrading your xenos. It would be awesome if we could get a game that has us start as some lone queen trying to take over a world or something.

  10. Them: “Just wait until we drop this trailer, everyone is gonna love it”

    Everyone: “Hard pass”

    1. Yeah who’s this for? Even Aliens fans ain’t spending money on this XD
      For me this is already a distant memory

    2. “Hey, let’s make a version of that Steam game Alien Swarm–but instead of it being free, let’s charge $ for it!”

  11. not in love with the genre but as someone who really dug old Housemarque top-downs and the more recent The Ascent, this has gotta be worth giving at least a chance to. looking forward to it!

  12. Me after Alien Isolation: “Wow, this was amazing. The gaming industry now has the perfect blueprint for future Alien games!”
    Me after watching this: “Hello darkness, my old friend….”

  13. Looks like the kind of game that would be worth having a bit of fun with if it cost about 1/3 the price of a regular game

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