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Yuris Revenge Long Game Yuri Vs Allies

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Sorry Im not uploading alot lately. Here is a game though with no commentary to give you something to watch. I am busy plus i am taking a break for a while from uploading frequently. I will keep uploading games though. Check out real strategy gaming classics for more yuris revenge and red alert 2 videos. I also will and must do many newer games including gta5 FPS games overwatch league and many other games. I have 4k recording with a 4k monitor and also 2k and 2.5 k (which i use on yuris) and have alot of good gaming stuff and resources for you to enjoy. So hang tight and watch some old videos and leave a comment on like and sub. If you like the videos its easier to make more videos because youtube puts me in a better ranking algorithm if more people even if you watch alot like more videos. I am not click baity and just give you the stuff plain but with the best yuris videos out there for sure. Thanks.

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