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Yuris Revenge 2 2v2 games


This is 2 2v2 games yuris revenge on Tour of egypt then offense-defense with some pro players in here.

Hey guys I been off youtube lately for a variety of reasons. I am aiming toward more new games and roblox even if some people hate it the others love that. I am also gonna do some occasional games I only upload once in a while to get a fresh gaming experience. If you are a yuris ra2 watcher I know its frustrating if i disappear but due to the game being old I will be uploading less of this game even though I love it. And just going to the classics channel if you only want this. However, I will still upload it a little but but not go hardcore with 100s of uploads anymore for yuris and ra2. This channel has to do well in order for me to invest alot of time and effort into it so older games I have to do a little less.

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