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“Shut Your Mouth!” Julian Newman CLAPS BACK At Disrespectful Opponent! Jaden Gets CRAZY At Game 😱


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Episode 2 of Hello Newmans got HEATED!!!

First, Julian Newman and Prodigy Prep had to finish off their game against Zion Harmon and Marshall County. Julian and Zion are best friends off the court, but on the court, it’s a BATTLE. Zion got hot at the end of the game, but could Prodigy Prep pull out the W??

Later, Jamie makes the team play football in the freezing cold… AT 5AM!! What kinda training is that? The team ends up having fun, but they gotta go back inside and prepare for their big game later.

Soon, it’s game time: Prodigy Prep vs Tennessee Prep. The game starts out OK, but soon it gets HEATED, and everyone is talking smack to Julian. Julian can’t hold back and let’s it RIP! Can Prodigy back up the talk and take home the dub?? Watch and find out!!

Love y’all and thank you for watching!

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