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Terrible Giant Player Franchise Simulation – Madden 16 NFL Gameplay


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Gday Fellas! I havent done a franchise simulation video for awhile but I figured it was about time I busted on the Terrible Giant Players and see how they do over an entire NFL Madden Season.

Sorry its not an actual Madden 16 NFL Challenge but the next episode of Kick Returning with Quarterbacks is out tomorrow and Peyton Manning is up next!

This was filmed using Madden NFL 16 on PS4

Here is a complete name list for the Madden 16 Terrible Giant Player Roster –

QB1 Sprinkles
QB2 Dextor Hextor
HB1 Mike Hunt
HB2 Poo PooNose
HB3 Dingle Berry
FB1 Billi Willi
WR1 Donald Trump
WR2 Chocolate Thunder
WR3 Fish Titties
WR4 Stevie Wevie
TE1 Ayden Sereda
TE2 SexMonster
TE3 BrockShit
LT1 Kacper Topczewski
LT2 Tex Ass
LT3 Insert Name
LG1 BeauNer
C1 Lannan Lannanson
C2 Lester Moe
RG1 GGriff
RG2 Oliver DeAss
RG3 SquatPump
RT1 Christian BJ
LE1 PinHead Rulez
RE1 Mittens RoamKnee
RE2 Alex Kadzik
RE3 I Hate EA
DT1 Gage Potter
DT2 Mister Sister
DT3 Seymore Butts
LOLB1 Shia Labeouf
MLB1 Alejandro Picasso
MLB2 Boo Tay
ROLB2 MoldyButts
ROLB3 Fat Ostrich
CB1 Pasty Banana
CB2 Graham Brown
CB3 BorisBoris
CB4 McDonald Ronald
FS1 Creamy Qtip
FS2 Amer Habbab
SS1 Piglet Wang
SS2 Shane Nelson
K John Lenon
P LazarBeard

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