6 Upcoming HYBRID | RTS | FPS | 3rd Person |Strategy | Building Games In 2018/2019

So here is a list of a special Genre of games. These games will be a combination of 2 or more genres meaning anything from Strategy and Fps to 3rd Person City builder. Enjoy and for more content check out my channel or playlists, thank you for watching

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6) Eximius: Seize the Frontline:

5) HammerFall (03:05)

TownBuilder RTS and 3rd Person RPG

4)MAXCONTROL (04:11)


3) Mighty Forest of Kalnik (06:11)

TownBuilding Strategy and FPS

2) ValeGaurd (08:51)

1) Executive Assault 2 (10:08)

SpaceRTS and FPS

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