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Nosgoth #1 – 4vs4 Competitive Multiplayer


Nosgoth early access gameplay! We dive into battle as four brave humans face off against four bloodthirsty vampires in frantic action arena combat! If you like the look of Nosgoth, it's in closed beta now but will be free to play when it hits open beta. You can register for access or become a Founder at

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Buy the game at the Yogscast Games Store and 10% goes to charity with 5% supporting the content creator and the Yogscast!

Thanks to Square Enix for making this possible and setting us up with custom builds to play on!

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Nosgoth is a free to play team based PvP game in which each match consists of two rounds. Teams comprise characters assigned to one of two races: vampires, designed around hack and slash combat; or humans, whose gameplay is styled after third-person shooters. Between rounds, teams switch to control the opposing race, and the team which accumulates the most points by fighting their counterparts wins the match. Nosgoth is a spin-off of the Legacy of Kain series of action-adventure games, it takes place in their eponymous fictional universe.

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There are eight character classes in Nosgoth – four vampire and four human. The vampires consist of the Reaver, a dextrous and stealthy predator, the Tyrant, a massive and heavy-handed warrior, the Sentinel, a winged beast able to deliver death from above, and the Deceiver, able to confuse the enemy by changing their appearance. The human classes in Nosgoth are made up of the Scout, who is able to pick off enemies from range with a precision bow, the Alchemist, armed with a hand cannon firing explosive globes, the Hunter, a ruthless crossbow-wielding killer, and the Prophet, a gun-slinging mage with the ability to steal life from nearby vampires.

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